Centre of Photonics and Materials for Prospective Applications
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Project Summary

  1. Title:
    Centre of Photonics and Materials for Prospective Applications CEPHOMA

  2. Objectives and problems to be solved:
    The main objective of the project is to establish wide experimental platform for development of research in novel materials structures for photovoltaic, solid state ionics, photonic and electronic applications. All these structures are among the faster growing research fields in solid state physics and engineering. Important aspect of the Centre activity is to confirm the international role of the Community through networking leading to fruitful collaboration within European research area. Implementation of the proposed activities increases Institution capability to respond to future EC Framework Programmes, especially for support to medium and large-scale technological and characterisation facilities. The management standards of the Centre are monitored by the International Advisory Board.

  3. Description of work:
    Successful applications of solar and electrochemical cells, investigated in the Centre, need to establish better links with the other Centres within European Community working on similar subjects in order to develop new methods for materials production and new experimental techniques to study and optimise their properties. Visits from and to the Centre aimed to information exchange, discussions of measurements, co-ordination of further co-operation, examining possibilities of using equipment available in different Centres for common investigations took place and other are planned. Visits to foreign laboratories of young scientists and PhD students allow to use complementary equipment and participate in common projects. The research in the field of photovoltaics encompasses thin film compound semiconductor solar cells with a stress on copper indium selenide based cells. The latter have exhibited exceptionally good photovoltaic performance and have been commercialised recently. The investigation includes characterisation of photovoltaic materials - by optical methods and characterisation of solar cell structures - by advanced junction techniques. The CEPHOMA Centre makes efforts to stablish better co-operation with the other Centres within the European Community working on similar topics. The relevant activities will help to develop more advanced and efficient methods for materials preparation and new experimental techniques to study their properties. A number of long and short-term visits from and to the Centre have already taken place and other are planned.

  4. Expected results and exploitation plans:
    The following expected milestones and research results are being achieved in the Centre: Important scientific and application results in the activity domains of the Centre, increasing integration of research by opening networking, possibilities of new material designing, dissemination of expertise knowledge and enhanced involvement of the Centre in projects of the 6th Framework Programme, improvement of the research quality and organisation of works conducted in the Centre.

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